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About Us

Founded in 1953 by the late Sir Bob Owens, Owens Transport has a long and proud history. Currently Owens Transport has branches in Australia and across New Zealand, with a company network spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Owens Australian operations has grown through offering customers an excellent service, and is now one of the largest movers of domestic and international container freight on and off Australia’s wharfs.

Core Activities

With a full suite of wharf transport services and associated tasks including container pack/unpack, warehousing and project logistics and comprehensive fleet ranging from side loader and flat tops right through to retractable trailers, we have the capabilities to ensure we meet any specialised requirements, no matter the size or weight.

We continue to build on our extensive nationwide branch network throughout the country to ensure seamless services from every major port, city and regional centre. Our network creates one wharf carrier for your national container transport and AQIS requirements. With a single point of contact we can tailor solutions to add enormous benefit to your supply chain.

Want to know about our logistics services? Contact our Owens Transport team

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