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Service Announcement | Direct to Wharf Container Dehire - March 2018

Posted on 1 March 2018

As you may be aware many major shipping lines are making changes to their process for dehiring empty containers. They are now dehiring their containers directly into stevedore terminals, rather than designated empty container parks.

We have received notices from DP World and Patricks and we expect more will follow.

How does this impact container transport operations and costs:

 Reduced timeslot flexibility and availability

  • Longer truck waiting times 
  • The need to stage empty containers through yards with additional lifts and storage requirements
  • Fees for missed slot or late dehires 
  • Greater chance of container detention being charged due to late returns

What does this mean?

We have been aggressively pushing back on this and are still in discussions with shipping lines, but unfortunately we are not in a position to absorb these additional costs. We will be introducing a Direct Terminal Dehire Fee of $85 per container for containers dehired directly into the terminals.

As with all such recent surcharges, we are passing on purely at cost and we will only be charging on the effected containers, not across the board. The surcharge has been put in play (by the carriers) quickly and we will keep our customers updated with the progress on our discussions with the shipping lines involved.

When will these charges take place?

From March 1, 2018 containers required to be dehired directly to the terminals will incur a Direct Terminal Dehire Fee of $85 per container. As these are transport costs, both fuel levy and GST will apply.

What ports will this charge affect?

At this stage this is affecting all ports, so this will be a national implementation. Please remember we will only be charging on the effected containers, not across the board

We appreciate your understanding and support during this time, should you have any queries or require additional insight, please call our team at any time.