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Beijing APEC meeting set to impact on transport in and out of the city

Posted on 27 October 2014

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting will be held in Beijing from 5th to 11th November, 2014. In an effort to ease traffic congestions and curb pollution during this time, the Beijing Government is implementing the following initiatives:

  • Civil servants in Beijing will be given six days off during APEC meeting
  • Temporary shutdown of factories in and around Beijing to ensure quality of air for the meeting
  • Beijing city traffic will be limited from 2nd to 13th November
    • Non Beijing license freighter truck will be not allowed to enter Beijing 6th ring area including into Huai Rou District during the whole event
    • Beijing license freighter vehicles / trucks will be allowed to enter Beijing during the whole event from 24:00pm-06:00am without any restriction as follow
      • 24PM to 03:00 hrs – uneven numbers
      • 03:00 hrs to 06:00 hrs – even numbers

What it means for you?

We do not know the full implications of these initiatives but we are expecting some challenges and impact on transport in and out of the city. Freight movements from Qindao, Dallan and Shanghai to and from Beijing airport will also be affected. We also expect shortage in capabilities and trucking rates to increase.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through these challenges.