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Freman Web Update v2.9 | September 2015

Posted on 9 September 2015

This update features enhancements to notifications and importing partial receiver lists

Minor Enhancements

  • Updated Australian Terms and Conditions
  • Displaying all details when viewing read only consignment notes 
  • Management of multiple charge codes 
  • Bug fixes


The way Notifications are created at the receiver and individual consignment level has a new look and feel 

Notification Update

Notifications from the Consignment View

Users can now create new notifications from the Consignment Note Review screen

To create a new notification select the Notification Button from the Notify Me column

Consignment Review Screen

 Select the notifications required, complete the notified party’s details and save

Notification pop up message 

Importing Consignees 

Partial receiver list can now be imported via CSV. Consignees with incomplete addresses are highlighted and can be completed on the fly within the consignment note or from the Maintain – Receivers

Receviers Screen

Consignment Review Screen