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Mainchain Release | v4.15

Posted on 7 February 2016

This Mainchain release delivers dashboard updates and extended multi-language support:

  • Logistics and European widgets now available as graphical display
  • International Orders widget renamed to Purchase Order Management
  • Additional language support

Your Dashboard - a graphical or list view? 

Starting with Logistics and European Transport widgets you can now create a graphical view of your activity.

1. From the Settings Setting Iconicon select the Show Graph option. 

Home Screen

2. Apply your graph setting 

Graph Setting  Graph Setting

3. Enjoy your new graphical widget

Graph Setting

To change your graph settings select the Setting Icon Setting Icon

International Order Widget renamed to PO Mangement 

Order Widget renamed Order Widget renamed 

Additional language support

  • The language picker style has been updated for greater usability
  • Translations have been improved in a number of areas
  • Spanish has been added
  • Further languages coming soon

Language Picker












Also in this update

  • Quick access to information with additional widget and advanced search filters
    • International
    • EU logistics – order type
    • EU shipments – country and shipment status
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes 

We are interested in getting your feedback and any suggestions about how we can improve Mainchain for you. 

If you have any feedback, let us know. Use the feedbacl option in Mainchain or contact our Mainchain Support Team