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Melbourne Port Infrastructure Charge

Posted on 6 March 2014
Melbourne Port Infrastructure Charge

Melbourne’s two major container terminals, DP World and Patrick’s, have announced an introduction of an Infrastructure Charge. This additional charge of $5.50 will be applicable to all containers that move through their respective terminals for both import and export.

Both have announced that the charge is to cover increasing costs of rent, rates, land tax and required infrastructure improvements to the Port of Melbourne.

At all times we endeavor to keep cost to a minimum but unfortunately we need to pass on this levy. Effective from March 10 for Patrick’s and March 31 for DP World all containers to / from the terminals will have this levy added to the invoice listed as “Port Infrastructure Surcharge” at the rate of $5.50.

What you need to know about Infrastructure Charge

  • Infrastructure Charge: $5.50
  • Applicable to all containers, import and export.
  • Will be added to your invoice as: “Port Infrastructure Surcharge”


Effective March 10th: Patrick’s

Effective March 31st: DP World

We appreciate your understanding and if you have any questions please contact our team.