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Owens Mid Life Crisis: Ferrari or Container Forklift ...?

Posted on 7 August 2012
Owens Mid Life Crisis: Ferrari or Container Forklift ...?

We all know the signs, browsing the car guide for a brand new vehicle– preferably something in red, with plenty of style and oomph in the engine. Ferrari, anyone? Owens Transport is no different. We have just invested in our first Ferrari.

The Ferrari is the name of our new container forklift. Similar to the car, the new forklift is full of great features. Fitted with weight gauges to ensure accurate weight records and load sensing hydraulics which switches off moving parts to lessen fuel consumption by up to 20%. Lower fuel consumption means lower emissions, as we strive to include social and environmental considerations into our decisions making processes.

Benefits Of Our New Container Forklift

Owens Container Forklift specsEvery other container forklift requires moving individual containers to locate the required one. The CVS Ferrari has the ability to pick up containers behind another container so fewer moves are required. Our team are noting the time management benefits our new forklift is creating. Due to the rotation boom on the forklift we can tackle container stacks at angles that normal forklifts can’t!

Damian Arnold, our Melbourne Owens Transport Branch Manager notes “our customers can benefit from the reliability of our new purchase. We have a maintenance agreement in place to ensure that the Ferrari stays in tip top condition,” so we can operate our new container handler whenever needed. The CVS Ferrari is also equipped with auto greasing which ensures all grease points are maintained.

Our new piece of machinery is also a leader in safety, our team all receive in-house training to ensure the whole team can operate the new container forklift to the best of its ability.

Want to find out more how our new container forklift can help with all your container movements? Feel free to contact us here and one of our team will be happy to discuss.

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