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Posted on 16 April 2020

Here at Owens Transport  we think we have an awesome place to work. Who wouldn’t want to spend their day in and around trucks and trains? We like to share the fun, so every year we invite some special friends of ours to join us to expereince what it's like to be apart of the team.

Daily Freight Auckland recently held their Annual IDEA Day (Intellectual Disability Empowerment in Action), where our special guests and their care givers are invited to our depot on a Saturday to enjoy a day of fun and entertainment with our team. IDEA (Intellectual Disability Empowerment in Action) Day started back over 20 years ago when Bryan Curtis wanted to do something special for his son. Each Branch have held a long standing relationship with local IHC groups for many years bringing back our old friends as well as new ones to the event every year.

Truck rides, muscle car rides and rides in the back of police cars (the fun kid of course) were enjoyed by all ages including Duffy who joined in the fun as well. Duffy is the mascot of Books In Homes, a charity that delivers the gift of brand new books to over 100,000 New Zealand children three times a year. They have donated over 12 million books since the charity started in 1994. We have been proud sponsers from the very beginning.

A fun day would not be complete without barbeque lunch and Mr Whippy with ice cream for all to enjoy.

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